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Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Recently I've been getting a lot of comments on photos on my Instagram saying "let's collab" or "DM for free stuff to collab" and along with that a number of my friends and followers have been asking if those are real companies or not.

The short answer is yes but a lot of them are out to scam you by making you pay a super high price for shipping or pay for one item to get 3 free or something silly like that. 

The truth is - if you have enough influence on social media (Instagram or TikTok specifically) a legitimate company will reach out to you DIRECTLY in a DM or e-mail or however you've specified contact on your page.

If you're getting started in the influencer field and want to build credibility with brands; do a lot of research on the brands you might want to work with - often brands have great ambassador programs that give you a good discount and potential earnings when people buy from your code while you build brand credibility and following to get to higher influencer status. 

Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Leave them below! I want to start a community for influencers.

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