Graphics rule Social Media

Graphics enhance visual communication and can make or break your message and marketing. Although there are many ways of conveying your message via various social media channels, a graphic will always enhance your message and make people want to look further and learn more if your graphic is consistent with your message and brand.

Graphics improve the quality of your content making it more appealing, interesting and thought-provoking.

A picture really is worth 1000 words. A graphic post is more likely to grab attention as against a textual post, enabling a quicker “call to action” by the viewer. A viewer/potential customer is more likely to remember your logo or image vs. a textual post. In the few seconds that you have to make an impression on someone, a well-executed graphic post can hold reader's attention for a much longer time. Graphics on social media help retain a viewer’s attention longer, and if your graphics are excellent and meaningful, chances are, your viewers will be back for more!

Graphics have a huge impact on user reaction and behavior. A good graphic guides a user’s eye through each of its elements, to then finally rest upon the “call to action” trigger you’ve designed. Images, color and layout are all factors that control how a user perceives and reacts to a graphic. A graphic with a high visual appeal automatically increases the chances of it being liked, commented upon, or shared by its users.

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